Contributing to WCxf

Since WCxf is an extensible format, users can contribute to extending it in various ways.

Adding a new EFT

A new EFT can be defined by writing an EFT file containing the name (and an optional description) as well as the name of the sectors defined in the EFT (see the paper for an explanation of sectors). For instance, a YAML file could look like

eft: My EFT
description: My description

Submitting this file to the official EFT & basis repository via a pull request automatically makes the EFT available to the Python command line tool at the next release.

Adding a new basis

Adding a new basis is similar to adding a new EFT; a basis definition file has to be written and can be submitted to the EFT & basis repository via a pull request.

Before submission, it is useful to validate the format of the file by running

wcxf validate basis my_basis.yml