An exchange format for Wilson coefficients beyond the Standard Model

Finding physics beyond the Standard Model is one of the main goals of particle physics. Effective field theories are a powerful tool to seperate physics at vastly different energy scales, such as new physics at the multi-TeV scale, weak interactions at the electroweak scale, and strong interactions at the hadronic scale. New physics effects are described at low energies by local, non-renormalizable operators. The coupling strengths of these operators – the Wilson coefficients – parametrize the new physics effects in precision measurements.

WCxf is a data exchange format to interface different tools in particle physics that deal with Wilson coefficients beyond the Standard Model. The format is defined in this write-up:

WCxf: an exchange format for Wilson coefficients beyond the Standard Model
J. Aebischer, I. Brivio, A. Celis, J. Evans, Y. Jiang, J. Kumar, X. Pan, W. Porod, J. Rosiek, D. Shih, F. Staub, D. Straub, D. van Dyk, A. Vicente arXiv:1712.05298

This web page provides an overview of the existing EFTs and bases, implementations in public codes, instructions how to contribute, and documentation for the Python and command-line tools.

Associated code as well as EFT and basis definition files can be found on Github.